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With a booming real estate market that is growing rapidly, it is no secret that real estate purchases in Ontario are becoming more complex and even more difficult to secure. It is of vital importance to seek legal counsel when making a property purchase or sale.

At Pace Law Real Estate Lawyers, we negotiate and draft purchase and sale agreements to help you avoid in-process and post-closing disputes. When making a purchase as big and as life-changing as a property purchase, it is critical to do so in the appropriate manner. Hiring a Pace Law real estate lawyer will ensure a seamless legal process in an effective and timely manner with your best interests in mind– always!

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Purchase or Sale

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell property in Ontario, Pace Law’s leading and reputable real estate lawyers will make sure every meticulous detail is taken care of– from the beginning to the very end.

Purchasing real estate in Ontario

At Pace Law, we strive to make our clients’ real estate purchase process less daunting by handling all of the necessary paperwork and transactions to expedite the process. Seeking counsel from Pace Law’s real estate lawyers will not only provide you with exceptional legal advice, but we pride ourselves in paying close attention to every detail, ensuring no obliterated documents or fees. Pace Law offers leading edge real estate conveyancing with electronic based signing. Contact Pace Law Real Estate Lawyers to secure your dream property from the comfort of your own home!

Selling real estate in Ontario

Selling real estate in Ontario is just as complex as purchasing real estate in Ontario. Pace Law’s distinguished real estate lawyers will provide you with a thorough understanding of every step in the selling process and will ensure all legal and financial conditions have been met. For 40 years, we at Pace Law have ensured that our clients are taken care of by providing the best-possible legal counsel and protecting their interests at all cost.

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Do business fast and easily with remote, paperless signing

Pace Law is at the leading edge of Real Estate Conveyancing in Ontario with Electronic Signatures, allowing nonrepudiated, biometric-based signing all from the comfort of your own home. The only time paper is used is when a client’s “wet” signature is required for transactions and jurisdictions where an electronic signature is not permissible.

Experienced representation for your real estate transactions

Our lawyers are experienced and accomplished in pursuing a wide variety of cases—including real estate pruchase or sale, mortgage refinancing, title transfers, interim occupancy, and many more.

With 40 years of experience, Pace law provides its clients with the highest level of expertise combined with new innovative processes to help ensure successful and efficient real estate transactions. Seeking legal counsel from a Pace Law real estate lawyer will ensure you a successful, impediment-free legal transaction process.

Dedicated Team of Legal Professionals

Pace Law prides itself in serving the community and fighting for your rights for 40 years– and counting! With decades of experience under our belt and a high success rate, it is no surprise that Pace Law has lived up to being a leading and reputable Law Firm. Pace Law’s reputation in successfully representing our clients and their interests is well-established and highly evident. Our dedicated team of legal professionals manage our clients’ interests with the utmost care and respect they deserve. Our eminent lawyers uphold our values and commitment to ensuring that we continuously provide our clients with the best advocacy possible.

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Real Estate Law
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Real Estate Law
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Real Estate Law
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Office Location

191 The West Mall, Suite 1100
Toronto, ON M9C 5K8
Phone: 1-877-236-3060
Fax: 416-236-1809

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