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In the short and long term, our comprehensive approach supports your vision, protects your intellectual property, and reduces your legal risk. Our experienced corporate lawyers and legal counsel guarantee that all legal choices are made in the best interests of your company, including raising financing, commercial mortgages, accounting, marketing, and more.

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Starting a Business

When it comes to starting a business, there are various advantages to hiring a professional Ontario lawyer.

Strategic entity formation and advisory

Choosing the correct corporate structure/entry is one of the first stages in starting a business or investing. With so many options and so much inaccurate information available, you’ll want to take your time and seek legal counsel to prevent any road bumps along the way. When it comes to launching a business, choosing the wrong organisation/entity structure may be crucial and cost you thousands of dollars in taxes or may result in the potential loss of your assets.

Our team of legal experts and counsel and Pace Law firm will walk you through the whole process guiding you every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome. Thousands of investors and small company owners have relied on our advisors and lawyers to assist them decide which of these entities to create.


The establishment of a new firm or corporate identity is referred to as incorporation. The business lawyers at Pace Law Firm make an otherwise daunting and complex procedure seamless and efficient. We can help you decide between provincial and federal incorporation and explain the benefits and drawbacks of each. We can assist you in getting your incorporation right the first time.

Professional Corporations

A professional corporation, often known as a P.C. or PC, is a type of organisation that is permitted by provincial laws for a specific list of licenced professions, which frequently includes doctors, dentists, lawyers, and public accountants.

The benefits of forming a professional corporation are extensive, and our professional corporation lawyers are well-versed in the regulations and procedures involved in forming a professional corporation. Our lawyers collaborate closely with tax experts and accountants to ensure that the most appropriate business structure is in place to accomplish long-term objectives.

Joint ventures

A joint venture agreement is a written agreement that lays out the guidelines that will govern a business partnership. Most significantly, a well-drafted agreement will reduce, if not completely eliminate, dispute between the parties. Some key factors in a joint-venture are the kind of economic activities in which the parties will engage, each party’s share in profits and losses, the term of the joint venture, the management arrangements, and the joint venture’s dissolution.

Pace Law will collaborate with you to identify your needs, negotiate, create, and sign a joint venture agreement.  It is critical not to rely on a typical agreement without considering the company’s legal and unique requirements. We can assist you in comprehending key legal terms that should be included in the joint venture agreement to better meet your company’s needs. Our recommendations may help to reduce the likelihood of future disputes.

Partnership and limited partnership agreements

A general partnership is equivalent to a sole proprietorship. In brief, lenders can seek repayment for the partnership’s debts, obligations, or activities from each general partner’s personal assets.

A limited partnership is identical to a general partnership, except that in addition to the general partner, there must be at least one limited partner. A limited partner is a passive investor who does not participate in the partnership’s operations. The general partner is active in the partnership’s day-to-day activities. The responsibility of a limited partner is restricted to the sum of money they invested in the firm.

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Expertise tailored to your needs

From starting or buying a business to growing, franchising and protecting your business, Pace Law Corporate Commercial Lawyers will handle your business legal challenges with our utmost quality of care. We are advisors and problem solvers who won’t shy away from even the most complex of legal challenges your business might face.

Our business lawyers meticulously assist clients in determining the optimal business structure for their company and its divisions, taking into account legal concerns such as personal liability, taxation, and financial matters, as well as efficiency.

Experienced representation for your business needs

It is critical for owners and entrepreneurs to work with outside resources to achieve business goals strategically such as contract review, drafting and dispute resolution, and much more. Regardless of the stage of your business, or the size and complexities of your organization, at Pace Law Firm can help you simplify and expedite your legal responsibilities so you can focus on your business.

Our reputation as corporate commercial lawyers

Pace Law Firm is built on a client-first approach. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable lawyers work closely with our legal staff to ensure the most favourable outcomes for you and your business. Our reputed legal representatives and corporate commercial lawyers offer businesses with unique  legal and commercial help from start to finish.

As your trusted corporate commercial solicitors, Pace Law Firm guarantees that all of your business’ key operations, agreements, and transactions execute as effectively and efficiently as possible- your business is our business.

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