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#1: Japan

Japan has the third-largest economy and the tenth largest population in the world. The nation consists of more than 6,800 smaller islands in addition to the four main islands of Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku. Tokyo, Japan’s capital and largest city, is the location of the Imperial Palace, the seat of the country’s government, and the residence of the Japanese Emperor. Japan has a ban on dual citizenship; if a Japanese citizen acquires the nationality of a foreign country at their own choice, that Japanese citizen loses Japanese nationality. The Japanese passport is ranked number one on the Pace Passport Index as it allows its holders visa-free entry to many countries including the EU and the USA, making it a “triple threat” passport.

#2: Singapore

Singapore is situated in Southeast Asia at the southernmost point of the Malay Peninsula. It is a lively and multicultural country with English, Malay, Tamil, and Chinese as its four official languages. Singapore is well-known across the world for its effective and contemporary infrastructure, superb airport, as well as a thriving financial and business district. Singapore is one of the safest nations in the world due to its rigorous laws and regulations. Dual citizenship is not permitted in Singapore, thus if you decide to acquire the Singaporean citizenship, you will need to renounce any other citizenship you may hold. Singapore passport holders are granted visa-free travel to the triple threat nations; US, EU, and China in addition to countless other nations as well, which places Singapore high on our index.

#3: San Marino

San Marino is a small, landlocked country located in Southern Europe, surrounded by Italy. It is the oldest surviving sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world, having been founded on 3rd September 301. The population of San Marino is approximately 33,000, with the official language being Italian. It is a member of the United Nations and has an area of 61 square kilometers. San Marino is known for its natural beauty, and its economy is supported by its tourism and banking industries. Dual citizenship is not recognized in San Marino, and anyone who acquires a foreign citizenship forfeits their San Marino citizenship. San Marino passport holders may travel to many nations including the three major economies; the EU, USA, and China. Since the San Marino Passport is a triple-threat passport, it ranks 3rd on our index.

#4: Brunei

The Southeast Asian country of Brunei is small and is surrounded by Malaysia and the South China Sea. It is the only sovereign nation that occupies the entire Borneo Island. The nation, which belongs to the ASEAN, is well-known for its riches and natural resources, including oil and gas. These resources are the key drivers of the economy, and the nation boasts the second-highest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita in the world.

Cost of living in Brunei is, on average, 25% lower than in United States. The average rent in Brunei is 62.3% less than it is in the US. With an average yearly income of $30,320 USD, Brunei is one of the high-income countries and is among the top 20 richest nations in the world when measured by purchasing power parity.

Brunei offers an array of educational possibilities. Education in Brunei is free throughout, even at foreign universities, however it is not required. All costs associated with education are free, including food, housing, textbooks, and transportation.

Dual Citizenship: Brunei citizens are forbidden to hold other citizenships as the nation does not recognize dual citizenship, however, its passport holders have access to visa-free travel into the USA, EU, China along with many other nations.

#5: South Korea

South Korea shares a border with North Korea. The East Asian country has approximately 51 million residents and is situated on the Korean peninsula. South Korea has a robust economy that is heavily reliant on exports.

When compared to other industrialized nations, the cost of living is very inexpensive, making it a great place for expats to live comfortably without breaking the bank. As one of Asia’s most affordable countries to live in, average living expenses in South Korea are 8.5% lower than those in the US. The average rent in South Korea is 60.6% less than it is in the US.

South Korea is ranked 5th on our passport index because not only is dual citizenship permitted in South Korea, but its passport holders are also granted visa-free travel to the EU, USA, and China, in addition to countless other nations.

#6: Bahamas

The Bahamas is a nation made up of 700 islands and cays in the Caribbean Sea. It is renowned for its stunning beaches, azure oceans, and thriving culture. The Bahamas is a well-liked vacation spot with activities like sailing, fishing, snorkeling, and swimming available. A terrific location to unwind and take in the natural beauty of the Caribbean. To become a citizen of the Bahamas you must give up your prior nationality. Dual citizenship acquired due to being born abroad may be kept until age 21. When reaching the age of 21, the individual has a year to renounce their foreign citizenship. The Bahamian passport is ranked 6th on our index because Bahamian passport holders may travel visa-free to the EU and China, however, are required to attain a visa when travelling to the USA.

#7: New Zealand

The North and South Islands are the two main islands that make up the nation of New Zealand, which is situated in the South Pacific Ocean. This lovely nation is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, which include rolling green hills, towering mountains, and glistening blue lakes. Aside from its distinctive biodiversity, which includes the flightless kiwi bird, New Zealand is also renowned for its lively Māori culture and its diverse wildlife. The outdoors in New Zealand are ideal for sports like bungee jumping, kayaking, and skiing. Dual citizenship is permitted in New Zealand and its passport holders may travel to all the triple threat economies; USA, EU, and China in addition to many other nations.

#8: Chile

Chile is situated along South America’s western coast. The Pacific Ocean, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina are its neighbours on the east and north, respectively. Chile’s long, thin shape and vast range of altitudes result in a diversified climate and geography. The nation is renowned for its jaw-dropping natural splendour with towering mountains, deserts and rivers. Santiago, the nation’s capital, is a dynamic metropolis with a deep cultural history. Chile’s economy is one of the most stable in Latin America and has a strong export base. As dual citizenship is permitted in Chile, foreigners who attain Chilean citizenship are allowed to keep their prior nationality.

#9: Andorra

In the eastern Pyrenees mountains, Andorra is located between France and Spain. It is one of the smallest countries in the world with a total area of approximately 181 square miles and a population of about 85,000. The official language of Andorra, a parliamentary constitutional democracy, is Catalan. Andorra’s economy is mostly driven by tourism, and the country’s landscape is characterised by high terrain, including some of the highest mountains in the Pyrenees. Andorra is highly known for both its duty-free shopping and ski resorts. Andorra does not recognize dual citizenship so you must give up your prior nationality to attain Andorran citizenship.

#10: European Union

Countries ranked #10-#12 in the index are all countries in the European Union. 28 member states, mostly in Europe, make up the European Union, which combines economic and political power. Supranationalism and intergovernmentalism coexist in the hybrid operating framework of the EU. It has a customs union, a single market for goods and services, and the euro as its official currency. The EU is the largest exporter of manufactured goods and services globally and the largest market for imports for more than 100 nations. One of the pillars on which the EU was founded was free trade among its members. The EU is a big participant in world affairs and has a significant impact on the economy globally. Additionally, it is home to some of the most developed economies and dynamic cultural scenes in the world. Most EU countries permit dual citizenship, whereas others have restrictions in place, and a few EU nations even prohibit their citizens from attaining dual citizenship.

Citizenship by Investment (CBI)

CBI programs let individuals gain citizenship through significant investments, such as real estate, financial assets, or development funds. Applicants must pass a background check and prove financial stability. The investment often has a required duration in the country. Benefits include enhanced travel, superior education options, and global trade advantages. While few countries offer easily obtainable passports through CBI, the Pace Index can guide investors in selecting the ideal passport.

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