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Changing lives, and redefining the client experience since 1987.

Our Story

Established in 1987, Pace Law Firm has dedicated itself to its goal of effecting positive changes in clients’ lives by representing them effectively in navigating the legal process, while also redefining the client experience. Today, Pace Law remains dedicated to upholding its signature “client-first” brand. With 120+ legal professionals in six offices, our firm serves its clients in over 38 languages.

Our Story
  • Commitment to Putting Clients First

    Our priority is serving our clients' interests. From flexible meeting times and multi-lingual service to undertaking additional research, investigations, or consultation necessary to further a client's case, we remain committed to ensuring our clients and their interests always come first. Whether we are negotiating a settlement or proceeding a trial, representing our clients' best interests remains our guiding principle. We work with health care and rehabilitation providers, insurance companies, and industry experts to ensure justice is served and proper compensation is received.

  • Commitment to Excellence

    An important element of our success is our continuing recruitment and hiring our talented and accomplished lawyers who regularly contribute to the legal profession by presenting at conferences, publishing articles, and mentoring articling students and young lawyers.

  • Commitment to Knowledge and Experience

    Our lawyers possess the requisite skills and are able to draw on the resources necessary to take difficult cases to trial. We have argued cases in front of courts and tribunals including: the Ontario Court of Justice; the Superior Court of Justice; the Ontario Court of Appeal; the Federal Court of Canada; the Safety, Licensing Appeals and Standards Tribunals Ontario; the License Appeal Tribunal; and the Immigration and Refugee Board.

  • Commitment to a Holistic Service Model

    We emphasize the importance of teamwork in providing our clients with the best representation possible. In addition to our legal professionals, our team includes experienced, knowledgeable, and insightful health care, insurance, immigration and law enforcement staff and consultants. By drawing on and coordinating these varied contributions, we aim to provide an integrated, holistic service model.

Pace Law is a full-service and rapidly expanding firm. It is recognized for its record of success in representing clients, and for its service model designed for holistic support.

  • Why Choose Pace: Personal Injury

    Pace is one of the most experienced law firms in the area of personal injury, and it is dedicated to negotiating a successful settlement of its clients' claims. When a settlement cannot be negotiated, our experienced litigators are prepared to proceed to trial, backed by the support staff and resources required.

  • Why Choose Pace: Immigration Services

    The Pace Law Immigration practice has handled thousands of cases. Our team possesses the depth and breadth of experience required to help clients, throughout the world, navigate the complexities of Canadian and U.S. Immigration. We can guide and assist you in dealing with immigration ministers, visa officers and consuls, and CBSA enforcement officers by offering our informed and experienced service.

  • Why Choose Pace: Commercial Litigation

    Our Commercial Litigation law practice deals with a wide variety of commercial disputes, debtor/collector matters, aboriginal legal issues, and construction lien and related disputes. Our team offers strategic legal support by partnering with outside lawyers on matters which exceed their resources or their practice experience.

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