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Pace Law Firm works with all types of personal injury claims. Our practice has the capacity to undertake class action lawsuits, and our experience is recognized, in the profession, to be formidable.

Personal Injury Lawyer Hamilton

Rest assured, as full service Kenora Personal Injury Lawyers we bring our full set of tools and capabilities to advocate most effectively for you. Since our establishment in 1987, we have continually worked to ensure a complete client experience. Our approach to personal injury is holistic, and our aim is to insure that you receive the best medical treatment, that your rehabilitation from your injuries is maximized, and that you are compensated for the physical and emotional suffering you have endured.

As one of the most established and experienced Personal Injury Lawyers in Kenora, we have dealt with all types of personal injury matters and are extremely capable advocates helping make sure you get fair, just, and deserved compensation for your injuries. Our goals are to serve your best interests effectively, and to be approachable and responsive in furthering all your needs.

Our aim is to give each of our clients personal attention, and to invest ourselves fully in working to achieve the best result on your behalf. These are not tall tales; we aim to make sure our clients leave our care happy and satisfied. As a full-service Personal Injury Law Firm in Kenora, we are dedicated to keeping in sight that which is important to you.

Some of the most common types of personal injury cases that we see are car and motorcycle accidents, accidents involving pedestrians, dog bites, malpractice suits, and medical misdiagnosis. It surprises many of our clients how common these types of cases are, and to learn that they need not bear the financial and emotional brunt of having to deal with them alone.

Our experience in handling both cases for individuals as well as class action suits is well-established. Get in touch with our injury lawyers to discuss your accident, and let us help you lighten some of the emotional and financial burden that you have had to bear.

Guiding You Through Your Tort Claim

Someone who has suffered mental and physical injury, and sometimes their family members, will have the chance to pursue a claim arising in tort. Oftentimes, a ‘tort claim’ will help cover the expenses of rehabilitation, loss of income, damage to property, and the emotional and mental damage that results from being a victim of an accident. As Personal Injury Lawyers Kenora we will advocate on your behalf in seeking maximum compensation for you.

Financial compensation cannot fully repair all the damage one has sustained, we know, but it can at least bring some closure to the unfair suffering one has experienced as a result of another’s negligence or inappropriate actions. For a successful action under tort to be presented before the courts, several aspects need to be established, including duty of care and negligence.

Our clients know it can be difficult to identify a Personal Injury Lawyer in Kenora that knows how to build a strong case in their favour, which is why they choose us. With six offices positioned across the GTA, as well as catering to clients in 38 languages, Pace Law Firm is strategically positioned to make sure you get the strongest representation for your claim.

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