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Dear Mr. Pace,

We had the unfortunate circumstances of being involved in a major car accident in 2009. It could have been a lot worse, but thank God that it wasn’t.

We were told of your firm (Pace Law Firm) by a family member and decided to have Pace Law Firm represent us.

We wanted to let you know how grateful we are to your staff and how well they represented your firm throughout our case.

Pace Law Firm should feel very lucky and extremely fortunate to have the following group of individuals represent and work for the firm: Robert Kram, Anu Malhotra, Patricia Edwards, and Flora Shing.

This group of individuals is a tremendous asset to your firm and Pace Law Firm should feel very fortunate and extremely blessed to have them. They should all be commended first and foremost for the wonderful human beings that they are and for equally being exceptional employees. These are just a few of the wonderful personal and professional characteristics that we had the privilege of experiencing first hand:

  • had vast knowledge and experience; very professional
  • treated us with respect
  • went above and beyond to answer our questions and to assist us
  • very prompt in getting back to us whenever we needed them
  • always guided and directed us to the appropriate people and areas needed
  • assisted us in completing any necessary paperwork when we required help
  • didn’t back down from opposing representative’s proposals but fought very hard for our rights
  • explained to us the Tort and Arbitration process very thoroughly so we could understand and follow the whole accident claim process easily
  • wanted and strived for the best for us, and fought for what was fair FOR US
  • very caring and compassionate and very calm, patient and thorough
  • always greeted and treated us with a warm and cheerful disposition

We feel that your firm should acknowledge their hard work and ongoing dedication and that Pace Law Firm should feel very privileged to have such employees on board and they should all be rewarded as such.

We would highly recommend Pace Law Firm to other family members and friends with any future legal needs, primarily due to the fact that we had the good fortune of dealing with your excellent and dedicated employees mentioned above.

We thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts.

John and Alexandra

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Office Location

191 The West Mall, Suite 1100
Toronto, ON M9C 5K8
Phone: 1-877-236-3060
Fax: 416-236-1809