Your One Stop Shop For Motorcycle Awareness

By Michelle Arzaga | May 10, 2016

The sun is shining, there’s asphalt for miles- riding season is finally here. May is Motorcycle Awareness Month and we’re here to make sure all you have to worry about before gearing up is your next adventure.


Your Riding Checklist:

  • Check your benefit limits

Do you know right now what your insurance benefits are in case something happened?

On average, insurance benefits only cover you for up to $400/week or 70% gross of your income earnings- whichever is less. That’s simply not enough in the case of an accident. Without the proper backup, your income replacement and no-fault benefits (to name a few) are all greatly reduced.

The good news is, getting the right backup isn’t complicated. A huge majority of our motorcycle clients are shocked to know they could have greatly increased their benefits to $1000 for a small extra sum a year . Call your insurance company and ask them about this addition. Protect yourself now so you can ride worry-free.

  • Check your driver’s license

This may seem like an obvious one, but making sure your driver’s license is valid is more important than you think.

By law, driving without a valid driver’s license puts you in breach of your auto policy and may result in a reduction of what  you’re able to claim from your own insurer.

This big mistake is easily avoidable by checking the expiration date on your physical drivers license. You can renew your license as early as 180 days before it expires online or in-person at a ServiceOntario centre. This site will tell you everything you need to know about making sure your license keeps you on the road.

  • Check your insurance

Without any insurance, your next highway adventure won’t last very long. In the chance something happens, you will stand a very real chance not being able to sue the other driver for the damages they caused.

Not to mention, the fine for driving without insurance in Ontario is a whopping $5000, plus a surcharge of approximately 20%. For that money you could buy any of these bikes! A quick call to your insurance company will make sure this never happens.

  •  Gear Up

Thankfully, there’s some really cool motorcycle gear on the market nowadays. But it’s more important than just looking good. Not wearing the right gear means you’re at risk for contributory negligence. This allows an at fault party to argue that you were, in some part, responsible for causing your own injuries by failing to wear the proper safety gear, resulting in a discount on the payment of damages to you.

Don’t let anyone make the claim that you could have protected yourself. Check out these great options for gear that will have you riding in protected style.

  • Maintain your ride

Making sure your bike is a one-kicker and well-maintained is another perfect way to make sure you avoid being eligible for contributory negligence if an accident happens. You don’t even need to have the mechanical know-how of a technician to perform simple and effective servicing tasks. Check out these easy DIY bike maintenance tips to keep your ride in prime shape for the season.

  • Be Seen

A huge 75% of our motorcycle clients have gotten in accidents on leisure rides. Unfortunately, less vehicles does not mean you have to pay less attention. What you love about open-road riding can also be potentially very dangerous. High speed-limits, less lanes and Mother Nature are all factors to keep top of mind. Before you switch lanes, or turn that bend, make sure other cars and vehicles around you can clearly see you and there aren’t any wildlife in your way. Don’t’ be a part of the 75% and keep the leisure in your leisure rides.

Make sure you learn from these riding safety tips from our legal experts and you’ll have endless weekends of unforgettable memories on the road. Happy riding!