What You Should Do After Being Involved In A Car Accident

By Pace Law | September 10, 2017

Involved in a Car Accident?

According to the Ontario Road Safety Annual Report (ORSAR) for 2016 more than 65,000 drivers were involved in fatal and personal injury collisions. This is a frightening statistic and it is a good idea to be prepared just in case you are one of the unfortunate ones to be involved in a car accident.

More often than not a traumatic experience, like a car accident, leaves you feeling helpless, especially if someone has been injured. Pace Law Firm assists and resolves any and all legal issues related to serious and complex injuries, and accident benefits when you are at your most vulnerable.

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What to do after you have been involved a car accident

Pace Law has a highly experienced legal team who provides representation for personal injuries in Toronto and across Ontario. While your focus is on making a full recovery, the legal experts at Pace Law assist from the very beginning; from explaining your options, protecting your rights and getting you, their valued client, the very best outcome.

Procedure to Follow After Being Involved in a Car Accident

Disorientation, disbelief, and shock are only a few the emotions that wash over you like a tsunami in the aftermath of a car accident. You might be lucky to collide with someone who is calm and level-headed but in most cases, it’s a run-down stressed out, trying to get through the day kind of person out for revenge, blood, and your hard earned money.

In situations like this Pace Law Firm has put together a checklist of what should be done when you or a loved one find yourself in this position. It is by no means a definitive list but will equip you with necessary information that will help you in the long run.

While not all the points will be valid or necessary, there are a few steps that can save you hundreds of dollars down the line and the compensation you deserve when you need it most.

Always stop

As tempting as it, especially when there are no serious injuries, it’s easy to skip the accident – after all no harm no foul. However skipping the scene can lead to a whole of range of misdemeanours, including a hit and run, with criminal charges.


If necessary protect the scene

Depending on the time of the accident make it as visible as possible for cars to see, use a flashlight or the lights on the car and most importantly stand out of harm’s way.


Call the local authorities

Whether there are serious injuries or not police will be able to assist in filing a claim for an insurance company. Do not move the vehicles, especially if there’s been a serious injury, however, if they’re interfering with the traffic they may have to be moved out the way.


Give an accurate report of events

As stressful as the situation is, be sure to tell the officers as much as you know and remember, Do not guess, speculate or make up any situations. If you are asked whether you sustained any injuries say you don’t know rather than just a straight out ‘no’. In a lot of situations, injuries can take a few hours or even days after the accident to manifest. If possible try and ensure the other party is providing accurate facts too.

Exchange vital information

In most cases, there is normally an investigating officer on site who is able to take all the necessary information. However, there are instances when the office is unable to get to the scene immediately. In this case, it is necessary to get the name, telephone number and address of all the involved parties. Ask to see the insurance card if there are witnesses try and get as many contact details as possible.


Other steps

Report the accident to your insurance company as timorously as possible, preferably immediately after the incident. Seek medical attention. Unfortunately, a lot of car accident injuries aren’t noticeable straight away. It can take a week or two for the aches and pains to start showing and even minor impact injuries can result in prolonged, serious injury to your spinal cord. A mild concussion, unnoticeable at first, can cause behavioural and cognitive issues if left untreated.


Protect yourself with experts

Last but definitely not least is keeping Price Law Firm’s contact details close; in your wallet and purse, your glove compartment and as a speed dial on your mobile.  This is most easily accomplished by downloading our free mobile app for collecting information at the scene of the accident.

Our team of legal experts is at your service, protecting your rights and ensuring all the necessary information is obtained, filed and kept safe. They are also able to assist with providing a legal statement on your behalf. They understand the processes and are there to ensure your case is heard, that you are treated fairly and the outcome is beneficial.

Unlike other companies, we have tailored a team of experts, ranging from legal, medical and insurance experts, who not only deal with the law but take a personal interest in each and every one of our clients.

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With our tailored team of legal, medical and insurance experts, PACE LAW is committed to meeting the specific needs of your case and exceeding your expectations. Contact one of our experienced and caring legal aids to see how best they can assist you