Driverless cars may eventually become commonplace, sparing people from serious injuries in car accidents, but there are still questions about the safety of the technology. Lawmakers in the US are currently trying to wrap their heads around it, and what it will mean for the public:

Lawmakers expressed a mix of wonderment and concern about driverless cars during a hearing Tuesday to consider the ramifications of the emerging technology. 

Rep. Albio Sires (D-N.J.) said that he had “so many questions” about the possibility of cars that can drive themselves being on the road with other vehicles. 

“First, it’s hard for me to fathom a car in New York City being without a driver,” Sires said. “I mean, it’s hard enough with a driver. So, you know, trying to visualize this is very difficult.” 

Lawmakers examined the technology during a hearing of the House Transportation highways and transit subcommittee, which met Tuesday to consider the “future of autonomous vehicles” following recent testing of self-driving cars by companies like Google.

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