Top Lessons From 2016

By Al Pace | December 6, 2016

Looking back on 2016 provides an opportunity to reflect and look for lessons to move us forward in the direction we want. Some lessons we can look back on and laugh, while others still hurt to think about.

The whole point of the popular News Year’s resolutions is to learn from mistakes and missed opportunities. In this spirit, we looked back at some highlights we brought to you during 2016 to help provide some food for thought. May safety and health play a starring role in your goals for the coming year.

Top lessons from 2016:

Motorcycle Safety with Michelle Arzaga

Take photos: If you’re in an accident, it’s crucial to take photos of everything. The more proof you have, the more likely you are to receive coverage for your losses and the less likely you’ll be questioned by insurance. Take photos of your damage, both cars (with license plates), the surrounding area, the owner of the other vehicle(s) and even try to audio or video record a witness statement if you’re able to.

Take it seriously: No matter how experienced you are, it’s much more likely to get seriously injured on a motorcycle. 75% of the motorcycle accident victims we help were injured on leisure rides. Make sure you gear up properly before you ride and always stay aware- especially on highways that have hidden bends.

Partying with Protection with Albert Conforzi

Protect your liability: When it’s party season, throughout summer or holidays, people rarely stop to think about how their liability could be jeopardized. When hosting a party, for example, you could be partially at-fault if any injury were to occur! Make sure to set certain rules and do your part to avoid alcohol-related injuries: offer guests a place to sleep, call them a cab if needed, and never let minors drink. Find out more about how to protect yourself during party season.

Pedestrian and Cycling Safety with Anu Malhotra

Follow the rules: The number of pedestrian deaths in 2016 is at an 8-year highLaws are in place because they are a universal language amongst road users. The most dangerous thing you can do is to get lazy, cut corners and disobey the law- this is when accidents happen. As a driver, make sure to adhere to road rules, such as the new 2016 crossover law. As a pedestrian, stick to protocol: always use designated walking areas and don’t use technology while crossing the road- texting and walking bans are next on the way!

Cycle safely: To cycle safely, it’s crucial to make sure your gear fits properly, you wear a well-fitting helmet, you know how to communicate with bike signals and you make sure you are seen by surrounding vehicles. This year has been one of the worst in history for cyclist fatalities. We urge you to read on and make sure you’re aware of how to protect yourself on the road.

Insurance is your ultimate protection with Al Pace

This is by far the most important takeaway lesson from 2016. Sadly, accidents happen, and will continue to happen. When we look at all of our accident victims throughout the year, the most important lesson is to extend your insurance coverage. As of June 2016, your auto-insurance policy limits changed automatically. How much? Find out here.

A simple call to your insurance company can extend your coverage by millions of dollars. In a life-threatening accident, that call could be the difference between life or death.


To find out more about any of our top lessons please visit our blog page. Help spread the facts and widen the awareness around these important issues. From our Pace family to yours, we wish you a safe and happy New Year.