The Story Of A Brain Injury Survivor

By Pace Law | June 23, 2017

In 1993, Madeleine Welton could go anywhere she wanted and do anything she wanted. Then she was involved in a car accident that changed her life forever.

The accident

In October, 1993, Madeleine was driving with her two young sons. Next thing she knew, a car drove across three lanes of highway, through a wired fence and landed on the hood of their car.

That’s the last thing she remembers. She spent the next month in a deep coma.


After her accident, Madeleine began the rehabilitation process. At the insistence of her insurance company, she pursued publicly funded therapy despite her gut’s instinct that she would benefit more from private therapy.

“After one month at the local hospital, I quit,” says Madeleine, “I moved over to private therapies as recommended to me by my head injury doctor and was offered private therapy that worked on a results-based model.”

From there, Madeleine was able to access different types of therapy and eventually met Dr. John Thornton who performed spect scans with three-dimensional interpretation, which helped her a lot.

Insurance struggles

Unfortunately, the insistence of publicly funded therapy by her insurance company was not the end of Welton’s problems.

“My insurance company refused to pay for what I was entitled to, including cab fare to take my sons to nursery school,” says Welton, “so we sued them.”

Welton also sued the insurance company of the man who hit her.

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Now, Madeleine is able focus on what matters most to her: “Since my accident, my family is my number one ‘raison d’être’”