Sergio Marchi – Speech to the China Overseas Investment Summit in Hong Kong

By Pace Law | November 16, 2011

Below is a copy of Sergio Marchi’s speech to the first China Overseas Investment Summit. They hope to make this an annual affair.

Jointly hosted by the Hong Kong China Chamber of Commerce, the China Society for WTO Studies, and the China Central Television Business Channel, the summit is taking place as part of the 10th anniversary of China’s entry to the WTO.

Over 1000 people attended the first of a two day conference. Private and public sector leaders are speaking, and it is being attended by a wide cross section of Chinese business leaders and representatives.

Here is an excerpt of Mr. Marchi’s speech:

It is good to be back in Hong Kong, and a very special pleasure for me, as a Special Advisor to PGA,  to take part in this China Investment Summit, as part of celebrating China’s tenth anniversary as a member of the WTO.
I wish to thank the organizers for their invitation, particularly my good friend and former colleague, Ambassador Sun, who is now the Chairman of the Chinese Society for WTO Studies in Beijing. He was a special colleague for me, and ten years ago, China could not have selected a more appropriate, more gifted trade diplomat to be their very first WTO Ambassador. During his ten years at the helm in Geneva, he was pivitol in moving China’s agenda forward —- as well as that of the WTO’s.

You can read the rest of the speech here.