Sergio Marchi was recently asked to speak as a panelist to the Friuli Youth Conference. Here is an excerpt from his speech:

As a son of ‘polentoni’, it’s always a source of great pride for me to engage with all of you who share the Furlan heritage and roots. Roots that are strong and still relevant to helping shape the world around us. A world which, like the birthplace of my parents — a small but resilient village called Domanins —- has now become transformed into a shrinking, ‘global village’. Indeed, “il mondo e verramente un paese”.

In this panel, we were specifically asked to address the critical theme of the economy as it relates to you, our youth; of the importance of research, innovation, and formation.

Under this rather broad umbrella, one could examine many critical issues. However, if we are to develop an economy that is sustainable and equitable, then your enlightened leadership, as a basic ingredient, is indispensible.

You can read the rest of Sergio Marchi’s remarks here.

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