Russian Visa Restrictions Eased in USA

By James Metcalfe | September 6, 2012

James Metcalfe – Pace Immigration: Twenty years after the break up of what Cold Warrior Ronald Reagan called “the Evil Empire,” the US government has announced a major easing of visa requirements for Russians. Multiple entry visas for three years, without the requirement for a letter of invitation, all for $20.00.

There will be a reciprocal move by Russian authorities with respect to American visitors.

I have not seen any relaxation on Canada’s part when it comes to Russians, nor a reduction in the fees charged for visas. Perhaps it is time for Jason Kenney to review visa requirements and costs in order to boost business travel and tourism.

If you as a Canadian have ever travelled to Istanbul, you learned the reality that Canadians are charged the equivalent of $75 by Turkish officials to enter the country, the same as we charge Turks to apply for visas for Canada. What goes around, comes around.

A review of our visa policy on a country-by-country basis is long over due.