Fallen Riders Support Team

We understand what you and your family are going through. We are your partners in recovery.

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The Fallen Riders Support Team is comprised of Ray Bonner and James Taylor, two motorcycle accident survivors who act as your partners in recovery. As part of the Fallen Riders initiative, Ray and James offer free support for personal injury victims, family members and anyone else who is struggling in any way as a result of a serious accident.

The Fallen Riders Support Team offers free support online, over the phone or in person for anyone who is dealing with emotional or physical distress or that simply wants to talk about their accident with someone who understands. If you’re looking for support, advice or someone to talk to, the Fallen Riders Support Team is always here for you.

Full Time Advocates for Increased Safety & Rights

A unique set of experiences and understanding led Ray and James to an unexpected career. Today, they are full-time advocates for increased safety and rights for motorcycle riders, as well as champions for accident victims and their families in finding legal and other needed support.

  • Where Can You Find the Fallen Riders Support Group?
    • At motorcycle and other extreme sport events answering questions and advocating for rider safety
    • Starting GoFundMe pages and hosting fundraisers for fallen riders in need of financial assistance for treatment
    • Answering phone calls from worried family members
    • Delivering iPads with memory games to people in hospitals to exercise their brains
    • Providing transportation assistance
    • Coaching candidates before brain surgery on how to stay positive
  • Dedicated to Changing Society's View

    The Fallen Riders Support Group is also dedicated to changing society's view on motorcyclists by:

    • Demonstrating rider involvement in the community
    • Promote female riders
    • Actively participating in the Ontario Confederation of Clubs, as well as Bikers Rights Organization (BRO)