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As a personal injury practice established in 1987, Pace Law Firm has worked with all types of personal injury claims. Our lawyers have seen it all, and our practice has helped hundreds of clients get fair, just, and deserved compensation for their injuries. Our lawyers are trusted to give each client personal attention, and to invest their best efforts in each case.

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Personal injury is a broad term and encompasses a number of different types of accidents: from vehicular accidents to pet attacks to medical misdiagnoses. Unlike a Personal Injury Lawyer in Hamilton, Pace Law Firm provides representation to all victims, with the capability of taking on the most challenging of cases. Most importantly, we never lose sight of pursuing the best outcome for you, and work to maximize your recovery.

Car and Motorcycle Accidents

We have seen all too often as Personal Injury Lawyers in Hamilton, streets and highways become the scene of car and motorcycle accidents. Whether an accident is weather-related, a case of DUI, excessive speed, or just plain negligent driving, our lawyers will help you to obtain the proper medical treatment, and to secure the maximum financial compensation for your injuries and property damage.


Slip-and-fall cases usually involve negligence on part of the person or persons responsible for maintaining safe walking passage in a publicly accessible area. Some examples of improperly maintained passages include wet floors in shopping malls, slippery stairs, or an unmaintained sidewalk. Unexpected falls, due to such conditions, can result in broken bones, brain and spinal injuries, and even death. As Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers we believe that, in addition to securing fair compensation for the injuries and impairments that our clients suffer, a personal injury claim fulfills an important social obligation—by making people cognizant of their duties to maintain and serve public safety.

Dog Bite

Animal attacks, such as dog bite cases, are an unfortunate reality of life. Pets can react aggressively for a number of reasons: improper training, not spending enough time outdoors, and being kept in isolated circumstances. As trusted Personal Injury Lawyers in Hamilton we are experienced in dealing with such cases, and we further our clients’ interests by securing restitution for the medical costs and emotional trauma they have suffered.

Misdiagnosis and Medical Malpractice

The impact that a misdiagnosis or medical malpractice can have on a person’s life can be devastating. As a Personal Injury Law Firm in Hamilton we are experienced in providing legal representation for individuals, as well as class action suits involving medical malpractice. Get in touch with our personal injury lawyers to discuss an instance of medical misdiagnosis or malpractice you or someone you know may have suffered. Our firm is proud of our effective personal injury legal teams. Our litigators bring decades of experience pursuing claims, helping clients through complex medical examinations and investigations, and obtaining compensation for injuries and/or the property damage suffered. With six offices positioned across the GTA, as well as catering to clients in 38 languages, Pace Law Firm is strategically located to make sure you receive the strongest representation for your claim.

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