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At Pace Law Firm, our priority is understanding our clients’ needs and serving our clients' interests. With our wide-ranging practice, and exceptional track record of representing clients in all types of personal injury matters, we are able to discuss the best options for you to get the outcome you deserve.

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Our six offices are strategically positioned across the GTA, and our team of over 150 legal professionals gives us the capacity and capability to bring formidable advocacy to bear for your claim.

What should your claim strategy be?

As Collingwood’s Personal Injury Law Firm with tremendous experience in all types of personal injury matters, we are able to advise clients effectively on the best likely outcomes for them. Whereas insurance claims can help compensate for some of the medical expense, they will often not be sufficient to cover long-term recovery, and will not adequately compensate you for lost income.

This is when a tort claim offers victims and, in some circumstances, their family members an option to pursue a legal claim to be compensated for the true physical and psychological impact of the accident.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Collingwood you know to deliver results can be hard to identify. It’s why so many people get in touch with Pace Law Firm, a respected Personal Injury Law Firm in Collingwood.  We will guide you through the legal options, and what the most effective strategy for you may be to get the compensation you deserve.

Duty of care

A successful tort claim entails establishing a chain of causation which establishes the role of the wrongdoer. It is why clients often choose us, Personal Injury Lawyers Collingwood trusts.

Be it slip-and-fall, a motor vehicle accident, or an injury caused by another’s actions, it is necessary to establish that a duty of care exists in order to purse a legal action. Simply, this means the wrongdoer had responsibility for your safety. That responsibility can arise in a number of ways—for instance, by keeping publicly accessible byways clear and well-maintained, driving carefully, or tending to your medical issues and concerns with appropriate care and caution.

Ascertaining liability

In their advocacy, our Personal Injury Lawyers in Collingwood will determine how the duty of care was breached and, on that basis, argue why our client is entitled to be compensated for the resultant damages. Establishing a full chain of events is a prerequisite to making a successful claim or defence to a claim. This means being able to show that the actions of the person who caused the accident fell below the standard of conduct that would be expected of a reasonable person.

For any Personal Injury Lawyer, Collingwood accidents need to be recorded and documented as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Videos and pictures of the accident scene, first responder records, and witnesses’ statements all help establish a strong case, and establish culpability. Sometimes, the smallest, seemingly insignificant details can make all the difference in making a claim successful.

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