Once Bitten Twice Shy: Get The Dog Bite Compensation You Are Owed

By Pace Law | July 31, 2019

The Canada Animal Health Institute expects there to be over 8 million canines in Canada. Clearly, we are a pet loving nation and dogs are our faithful companions. But, either through accident or owner negligence, dogs can become violent.

Consider the case of a six-year-old girl who received stitches to her face after a vicious dog bite incident. Imagine the severity of the attack that CTV news reports her father saying, “so lucky…that my daughter is still alive”.

Though Ontario mandates dog bite compensation, it does not alleviate the risk of dog attacks. The Globe and Mail reports an “estimated 500,000 dog bites a year in Canada, and three-quarters of the victims are children under the age of 10.”

Dog Owners’ Liability Act, s 2(1)
“The owner of a dog is liable for damages resulting from a bite or attack by the dog on another person or domestic animal”.

Too often people don’t realize the severity of a dog bite. And sometimes, even something as self-evident as seeing a doctor can be delayed. Ontario places liability on dog owners for the actions of their pets. If you or someone you know has been hurt by a dog, you deserve fair and adequate compensation.

  1. Immediate medical expenses

Seeking medical attention immediately after a dog attack is a must. No matter how small the wound, the chance of infection is very high. Medical expenses resulting from a dog attack should be paid by the dog’s owner.

  1. Long term recovery

You should not have to bear the burden of long term medical care. Wounds can take weeks, if not months to heal. You should be recompensed by the dog owner or their home insurance policy for the same. Approach a dog bite lawyer Toronto trusts for mature advice to see how you can do this.

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  1. Occupiers’ liability

If the dog attack happened on someone else’s property, they may be liable to compensate you under Ontario’s occupiers’ liability laws. This can be particularly important if the occupier was at fault for not taking proper precautions to keep people safe from dog attacks on their property.

  1. Claim against negligent dog owner

Dog owners in Ontario are required by law to take reasonable precautions to prevent their dogs from biting or attacking people. Therefore, victims of dog bites can seek compensation by way of a lawsuit. Leaving dogs unleashed in unauthorized public spaces, improper training, and even poor care are examples of owners’ negligent behaviour. Speak to a dog bite lawyer, Toronto knows to be experienced in these matters, to pursue a lawsuit.

  1. Pain, suffering and loss of income

Dog bites are traumatic events, which can significantly and adversely impact victims’ lives. In addition to the trauma of the attack itself, the ensuing medical treatment can be both physically painful and a source of significant anguish. You should speak to a dog bite lawyer in Toronto to find out if you can claim for the emotional distress you have suffered. In the event of injuries that result in functional impairments, lost productivity and income may also be a factor in determining the appropriate compensation.

Dog Bite Lawyer in Toronto

If you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog, get in touch with our personal injury team right away. We have worked with hundreds of dog bite victims and will help you get the right medical treatment. Our team also alerts the proper authorities to ensure that the dog does not attack anyone else. Of course, throughout the process, we work to obtain the compensation you deserve.

We are a responsible personal injury law firm that believes in working with the community to resolve dog bite disputes. Our lawyers will handle your case sensitively, making sure you get the compensation you deserve.