If you were a juror, what would you say?

If you were a juror, what would you say? By: Nancy Young   Who is to blame for an accident? The driver? The pedestrian? Could it be both? According to the Negligence Act [NA] the answer is, yes to both. Contributory Negligence is the allocation of a certain percentage of blame the victim has in…


What our clients have to say

What our clients have to say: For over 30 years Pace Law has provided support to clients in over 37 languages, in five cities and on a wide range of complex issues. When they call looking for help, they are scared, they are tired, they are overwhelmed and, in many cases, they feel this is…


Being Strong, Is Asking For Help

By: Alexander M. Voudouris According to the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, 50,000 Canadians suffer a brain injury every year. It also notes that traumatic brain injury is the leading cause of disability for Canadians under the age of 40. The severity of a brain injury can vary from dizziness and confusion to loss of cognitive function.…

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