In the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident (MVA) attention is often focused on the physical injuries and the paperwork. What often goes unnoticed, however, is the person’s emotional and mental health.

Mental health issues can include post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety. These can arise out of even minor motor vehicle accidents.

Mental health issues can also arise during the process of assessment and litigation. After an MVA the process of determining health and capabilities can be a lengthy, time-consuming and frustrating process.  It can trigger mental health difficulties separate from the initial car accident.

These problems are real. They can severely interrupt daily life and cause difficulty attending and performing at work, school or regular routines. It may also impact the ability to be in another motor vehicle, hindering attendance at appointments necessary for treatment.

Stigma around mental health cause many people to avoid seeking help. Difficulty in describing the feeling to others is another barrier.

As lawyers, it is our job to recommend that clients regularly see their doctors; we can also suggest accident victims see a medical professional that deals with post-traumatic situations.

If you are a MVA victim, please do not hesitate to tell your lawyer how you are feeling both physically and mentally. Let us be your advocate for the best possible claim that covers ALL your needs.  We too, are part of your support system and play an important role in improving mental health.

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