Trust- it’s one of the hardest things to earn, but all it takes is one wrong move or one bad impression for it to be lost.

When it comes to your lawyer, the base of your opinion should come from a combination of gut feelings and hard facts.

We’ve all heard about how difficult it can be to find a trustworthy attorney, especially with the instance of some law firms referring out clients to other lawyers in return for a referral fee.

On average, the relationship you choose to have with your attorney will last 2-3 years and, most importantly, will play a large role in the outcome of your case and whether or not you receive the settlement you hope for or deserve. As much as it is crucial to choose a lawyer with the right credentials, it’s important to note a lawyer is also an expert that can help you feel prepared, calm and comfortable throughout the lengthy and potentially difficult period of your case.

These are the top pieces of advice we have that will help you to choose a trusted and talented lawyer.


  • What associations are they involved in? (Toronto Lawyers Association, Ontario Bar Association)
  • What cases and court experiences have they been involved in?
  • What kind of leadership roles are they involved in? (Are they a member of an executive? Have they served on any particular committees or organizations?)
  • Are they recognized in the LEXPERTdirectory?
  • Do they have any published papers or authored materials?
  • Are you able to communicate with them comfortably and directly?
  • Are they easily accessible to you when you need help?

Finding a lawyer you trust comes down to getting the right blend of hard and soft qualities. You’ll want someone who has a good resume and experience.  Equally important, to find someone you are comfortable with, who communicates well and is accessible.

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