How To Know When You Should Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

By Pace Law | November 18, 2016

The question of when you should hire a personal injury lawyer is something that a lot of people ask. After you’ve been hurt in an automobile accident, or experienced a slip and fall, or have gone through any other type of injury, you may wonder if you need to consider hiring a lawyer.

Your decision of whether to seek representation depends on a number of factors, each of which we’ll go over now. By asking yourself the following questions, you’ll have a clearer idea on whether you should be hiring a personal injury lawyer:

Do You Believe Your Injury was Caused by Another Party?

If you think that your injury was the result of someone else’s negligence, it is critical that you consult with a personal injury lawyer. Proving fault involves applying specific standards to the evidence, which requires a comprehensive understanding of injury law and the court system. To strengthen your claim, it’s important that you contact a lawyer as soon as you can so the evidence pertaining to your claims can be properly collected.

How Serious are Your Injuries?

While not every incident requires the attention of a lawyer, you need to consider seeking help from a law firm if your injuries need medical attention or are still causing you pain after a few days. If you required hospitalization, physical therapy, surgery, or any other procedure, you need to have your case looked at by a personal injury lawyer. Claims that include medical expenses should always be handled by good legal representation to get you the results you need.

Is an Insurance Company Reaching out to You?

If a representative from an insurance company is contacting you regarding an accident, you should tell them that you’re seeking legal representation. Some of the documents that the insurance company may request include recorded statements, medical records, your version of events, etc. Providing this information may harm your case because the insurance company is primarily interested in minimizing the amount they have to pay out in claims.

Are You Comfortable with the Settlement Process?

Navigating through the legal system and settlement process requires a comprehensive understanding of law and your personal injury lawsuit. From gathering evidence to proving your claims, there are a number of ways that handling your own case could go poorly.

Even if you win your case, the amount of your settlement depends on your combined legal knowledge and negotiation skills. Personal injury lawsuits can quickly become complicated, and it’s typically best to leave your case in the hands of professionals who have the experience you need.

What Your Next Steps Should Be

Understanding when you should seek out the services of a personal injury lawyer is essential to securing the compensation you deserve. Don’t let the negligence of another party cause you undue stress and pain.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in an injury or accident, contact Pace Law Firm for a free consultation. Their team of lawyers have the experience to get you the results you need.