Distracted Driving: Snapping Pics Of A Car Accident Gets Drivers A Ticket

By Pace Law | April 14, 2014

It should probably go without saying, but drivers shouldn’t be taking pictures of other people’s car accidents as they drive past the scene.

The RCMP is now handing out distracted driving tickets to drivers who have done just that:

The RCMP says a number of registered vehicle owners can expect to receive distracted driving tickets in the mail.

Police say they were called to a single vehicle rollover near Innisfil late Thursday afternoon, which resulted in the driver receiving minor injuries after investigators say he admittedly fell asleep at the wheel.

While at the scene, investigators say they saw a number of drivers taking photos with their mobile devices as they passed by the collision.

The story goes on to note that the tickets do not affect someone’s driving record. However, the RCMP hopes that people get the message that distracted driving is dangerous.
As we reported on our personal injury site in the past, distracted driving now causes more fatalities on the roads than either speeding or impaired driving.

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