By James Metcalfe – Pace Law Firm: Last day of 14 in Cairo. The drive out to the airport was quiet. Not much traffic, this being the holy day. The temperature went up to the high 30s as hot air was blowing north from southern Africa. Many people head north to the cooler coast to avoid the heat, and since school is ending, the well-to-do and their families head to Europe and North America. I do not think I could handle a summer in Cairo. The heat is like a blast furnace.

I believe the country will survive the current political tension, and go though the transformation from a despotic kleptocracy to something better, but it will take some time. Business persons I talked to were cautiously optimistic about the future. Egyptians are a proud people who have survived past adversity, and they will do so again.

I think they have to feel a sense of national purpose, which is missing now amongst the dozen or so aspiring political parties. Everyone has an opinion, of course, but from my perspective no one has yet stepped forward from the pack with a clear vision. There is no charismatic figure to rally around, and uncertainty will persist until one appears.

Without a strong government, foreign investment will stagnate along with the economy. The next six months will be critical.

I hope that God will bless Egypt and her people.

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