Client service tips from Paul Alisauskas – Pace Law FirmMany of us think of client service as just the art of dealing with the people walking in the door, because they’re the people who create the income that pays our salaries. Many writers and organizational experts disagree with such a narrow view. Sometimes, the distinction raised is between ‘internal’ and ‘external’ clients. Really, it’s far simpler to think in terms that a ‘client’ is anyone who can influence outcomes in our service package.

Clearly, this extends from the mail room to the office of the head of the firm. Once you see things from that perspective, it becomes more obvious that we have to be mindful of our dealings with everyone we typically encounter in our jobs. It’s not a big stretch to see that the manner in which we deal with each other is what, in all likelihood, we communicate to that special class of client on whose behalf we are acting.

It’s very common for people to look around and find fault with others; whether it be their manner, their way of doing their job, or something else. Whether we actually voice complaint with the fault is another question. Just for a change, how about trying this:

Catch somebody doing something RIGHT today

When you do (and you will), make sure you point it out to the person you’ve “caught”; perhaps even tell some of your co-workers about it.

Recognition, praise, and feedback are the principal ingredients of a happy workplace. Do your part intentionally and see just how infectious the activity can become.