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In the aftermath of an accident such as a motor vehicle accident, the mental and physical trauma can leave one disoriented and disconnected from the normal course of life. Our support and advocacy on behalf of clients involved in such accidents make us of the most well-known Personal Injury Law Firms in Mississauga for auto accident claims. We guide our clients through this challenging and, often confusing, time and help them navigate the maze of insurance examinations, depositions, and claims.

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As Mississauga Personal Injury Lawyers with extensive and varied experience in all types of personal injury matters, particularly auto accidents, we are able to advise clients effectively on the best course of action available to them. A tort claim is a way for a victim, and in some circumstances their family members, to pursue a claim for compensation for the physical and psychological impact of the accident.

Duty of care

A successful tort claim entails establishing a chain of causation that establishes the role of the driver or wrongdoing party. Our knowledge and experience in addressing the critical issues of causation is one of the reasons why clients often choose us, Personal Injury Lawyers, Mississauga trusts.

In the case of a motor vehicle accident, for instance, it is the duty of the driver to ensure not only his or her competence behind the wheel, but also that the motor vehicle itself has been properly maintained (such as installing snow tyres during winter weather). The proper and safe operation and maintenance of one’s vehicle comprise essential aspects of the duty of care that car drivers or motorcycle riders owe to other motorists and pedestrians.

Ascertaining liability

In their advocacy, a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mississauga will determine how the duty of care was breached and argue it to their client’s advantage. Building a complete chain of events is prerequisite to any successful claim or defence. Doing so enables an accurate apportioning of responsibility for the accident and allows the court or another arbitrator to determine a justiciable award.

For a Personal Injury Lawyer, Mississauga accidents need to be recorded and documented as thoroughly as possible. Whatever the nature of the type of evidence available—such as video footage of the accident, eye-witnesses’ accounts, or the police record—the importance of collecting it and establishing a comprehensive record of the accident cannot be understated. It is not unusual for the smallest, and seemingly insignicant, details to become essential in a claim succeeding.

Time is of the essence

Similarly, time is of the essence in a personal injury claim. Evidence of intoxication in auto accidents involving DUI, marks on the ground, any medical intervention required immediately after the event, and even locating witnesses are all time sensitive factors. The sooner you approach your lawyer, the sooner he or she will be able to begin collecting this important evidence, and the more effectively he or she can advise and guide you as to the most effective path in moving forward with your claim.

At Pace Law Firm, our priority is understanding our clients’ needs and serving our clients’ interests. Our six offices are strategically positioned across the GTA, making us easy to reach. And we offer service to our clients in 38 languages.

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