Can You Be Sued If Somebody Falls Or Slips On Your Property? | Slip And Fall Liability

By Albert Conforzi | February 18, 2014

an you get sued if someone slips on your driveway or sidewalk? Toronto personal injury lawyer Albert Conforzi answers that question here.

1. Do property owners have to clear snow and ice from their driveway and sidewalk?

Yes. As a homeowner, or even as a renter (depending on any agreements you may have with your landlord), you are responsible for clearing your sidewalk, driveway and any walkways of snow and ice. City by-laws actually require homeowners to clear their sidewalks within certain amounts of time. The Occupier’s Liability Act requires a homeowner/occupier to keep their property in a reasonable state of repair for persons entering onto their premises (which generally means you have to do it in a reasonable amount of time using reasonable methods).

2. Can I get sued if someone slips or trips and falls on my property?

If someone has a slip and fall accident on your property, yes, you could be sued if that person sustains injury. Whether they are successful in their claim depends on a number of factors.

3. How long does someone have to make a claim for a slip and fall injury?

The Limitations Act requires that a claim be made 2 years from the date of someone’s fall.4. Does homeowner insurance cover slip and fall claims?Yes. Generally, homeowner’s policies do cover slip and fall claims.

Whatever happens, be sure to contact a lawyer immediately after a slip and fall incident. You will want to know about your rights and possible liability sooner rather than later.
Albert Conforzi is a personal injury lawyer with Pace Law Firm in Toronto. Pace’s personal injury lawyers have been helping accident victims since 1980.