Bicyclists And Cars – Sharing The Road – Let’s Talk

By Steven Arie Glowinsky | April 13, 2018

As an avid cyclist and a personal injury lawyer I am regularly asked my opinion about accidents involving cyclists and motor vehicles – especially about what is one of the main causes of serious injury.

The answer is easy: It is right-hand turns.

A motor vehicle is a huge piece of equipment that can be a weapon causing serious harm.

When on my bike, the moment I see someone is slowing to turn right I am afraid there is a 50 per cent chance the motorist see me. This means hypervigilance needs to be exercised by both drivers and cyclists.

Motorists must check their blind-spots for bicycles every time they turn or change lanes. They need to anticipate both the foreseeable and unforeseeable risks that accompany driving and take to heart a deep awareness of the damage the can be caused operating a motor vehicle.

Cyclists must understand the vulnerability of their method of transportation and that the repercussion of being hit when on a bike is unimaginably higher than when in a car. Cyclists need to be aware that motorists are not perfect and they must anticipate safety errors. They must also follow the rules of the road, such as walking bikes through crosswalks and looking ahead and behind before turning.

Despite great efforts of organizations to educate both motorists and cyclists on safer ways to share the road, accidents continue to take place – with both cyclists and drivers at fault.

If in an accident, the sooner a lawyer is contacted the better. Of course, calling the police or an ambulance is of paramount importance. But, as soon as possible thereafter, inquiries should be made regarding legal rights.

There is no cost for inquiry and there is much about which to be aware.

  • What are you entitled to if sued?
  • Are you entitled to accident benefits?
  • Are there certain dates by which you need to submit information?
  • How long do I have before submitting a claim against the City? (Answer: it’s 10 days!)

Did you know that even if involved in an accident with a parked car, a cyclist may be entitled to receive accident benefits? Delaying connecting with a lawyer may mean putting your recovery more at risk.

Steven Arie Glowinsky is a personal injury lawyer who represents both cyclists and motor vehicle drivers who suffered serious injuries as a result of an accident. For more information, he can be reached at or (416) 734-0431.