Sergio Marchi has been invited to speak at this year’s Global Forum on Migration and Development(GFMD), Civil Society Program. NGO’s from over 160 countries will be taking part.

The GFMD is an annual event, and this year it is being hosted by Switzerland. It involves two days for
Civil Society deliberations and two days for discussion among

Mr. Marchi was asked to speak on a panel dealing with the issue of global governance for migration. Here is an excerpt of his remarks:

When it comes to migration, all too many governments are preoccupied with two overriding issues: i) ‘illegal immigrants’, and ii) maintaining national policy control.

While the rule of law and an orderly process are as crucial to any viable and sustainable migration policy — as they are to any other public policy domain — the challenge for governments is to lift their sights beyond their single obsession with ‘illegals’.

You can find the rest of Sergio Marchi’s remarks here.

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