Accident Victims: Beware Of Unsolicited Phone Calls

By Albert Conforzi | July 19, 2016

I recently heard of a case where a car accident victim received an unsolicited call from a legal representative. This representative was trying to get the victim to sign up as a client.

It’s a story I’ve heard hundreds of times. The call probably went something like this:

“Hello, ma’am. I’m a representative from Such-and-Such accident lawyers. We understand you’ve been hurt in a car accident. We can help get a lot of money for your injuries.”

Now, if you’re looking at the phone and wondering how they got your name, it’s pretty simple: somebody likely sold it to them.

The possibilities of who might have done that are nearly endless. It could be a hospital attendant, a tow truck driver, or a therapist at a clinic. Virtually anyone you’ve met since the time of your accident.

Unsolicited Calls

Names and phone numbers can equal big money. Some firms work hard at being a file referral service. No matter how boldly and frequently a law firm advertises itself on TV, it does not necessarily mean that they will be the ones representing you after you call them. The advertising gets people to call and then some firms sell most of the files to other law firms to do the work. You have the right to ask who is representing you. Make sure you do.

Reputable Lawyers

No reputable lawyer should make an unsolicited call to an accident victim. A lawyer should only be contacting you if a) you initiated the contact with the lawyer or their firm or b) your friend or relative recommended the lawyer and you gave permission for the lawyer to contact you.

I started working in personal injury litigation on July 4, 1983.  I have always believed that behaving with integrity in all of my dealings with clients, the opposing lawyers and the courts is the only way to fly.

33 years later I still approach my law practice the same way: do the right thing and everything else will look after itself.