Selecting a lawyer can be a tough decision.

As a client, you are putting all your faith into this person, their team and their firm with the hope that they will get the outcome they want and need.

Trust is a big part of the process. Often trust comes from someone’s ability understand and communicate with you in a language where nuances and intent is understood.

English is not the primary language of 22.9 per cent people in Ontario. For many, English language proficiency is lacking for day-to-day need, let alone details of a complex legal case.

Equally, if a lawyer is unable to effectively communicate to his or her client the legal case, the settlement or ligation process will be strained and be in jeopardy of not reaching its maximum outcome.

At Pace Law, we are proud that many of our associates are fluent in their own native languages as well as many others – 37 to be exact.

Sometimes it can be hard to discuss personal matters with a lawyer, however, the reason for this shouldn’t be because of a language barrier.

When recalling details of an event, people often think about them in the language most comfortable. Having to transfer these feelings and details to a different language can result in the minimization of certain elements and facts.

The ability to communicate in a native language means better support around the legal process as people seek access to benefits, mediation with insurance companies, or have discussion on the immigration processes.

The ability to speak your language is one of the first ways we help gain your trust.

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