James Metcalfe – Pace Immigration: Although the Canadian and Quebec Immigrant Investor Programs are suspended, and we do not expect them to reopen until the new year, there are other programs available for persons wishing to gain residence in North America.

We tend to overlook the US EB-5 program, as it is US-based, and not everyone may want residence status or a Green Card in America. Despite this, we believe the EB-5 represents a good opportunity for immigrant investors.

We’ve found that some of our clients have been interested in three selected investment opportunities, which appear to be well organized and fundamentally sound. In addition, there are some 200 other offerings available.

All programs have a similar financial commitment: a minimum investment of $500,000.00 US for a period of five years. In the end, each investor should satisfy themselves regarding the viability of the projects.

We recommend that you do your research on the viability and strength of a project that interests you, and that you seek legal counsel before making a commitment. For more information on EB-5 Investments, look at our publication here, and contact us with questions.

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