Client service tips from Paul Alisauskas – Pace Law FirmAt a recent seminar, I heard a seasoned consultant talk about the greatest barrier he’s encountered in attempting to implement organizational improvements in client service:

“Everyone points across the table.”

In other words, “If only someone else did things differently or better, I’d be able to do a better job.”

Whether you subscribe to this rationalization or not, it is you that must become a competitive differentiator. Don’t think or worry about changing your organization; tackle the one (and only) thing you can control – You.

You must ask yourself: “Am I easy to do business with?” Keep in mind that this question must be answered from your client’sperspective, not from your own.

Answer these questions (*):
Am I accessible?
Do I quickly follow up on all forms of communication to me?
Do I do what I say I’m going to do, when I say I’ll do it?
Am I on time for meetings and appointments?
Do I quickly (and cheerfully) deal with complaints and follow up to ensure client satisfaction?
Do I initiate regular client contact and provide updates?
Do I provide a welcoming demeanour?
Am I a pleasure to do business with?

Ultimately, the last point is the only one that matters. If you qualify, it can cover a multitude of sins in the other areas, but it’s highly unlikely that sheer personality will overcome deficiencies in points 1 through 7. As in all things, when looking for change, first look inward.

*Adapted from Jeb Blount’s book, “People Love YOU”.

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