The Ideal Client

By Adam Somogyi | September 5, 2017

There is tons of information online about how to select the right lawyer, but what many people don’t consider is what makes them a great client.

While this may sound humorous, there is merit in this self-evaluation because the more boxes that can be checked on the  “best client list”, the better the outcome of the case.

Here is my ideal client checklist:

  • A client who knows what they fell on! This sounds so basic but so many have no answer to the question “What happened to cause the accident?”
  • A client who reported the incident. Almost always there are cameras and reporting the incident alerts building owners to pull the footage and it makes the job of the investigating lawyer that much easier.
  • A client who took photos! Again, making proof of negligence that much easier.
  • A client seriously injured. This is where we lawyers have the chance to really make a difference in someone’s life and when they need it most.
  • A client who needs treatment and care. Similar to the seriously injured client, this is where we get to feel good about what we do and make the biggest difference.
  • A client who is credible. This would not be someone who has filed a million other lawsuits. Rather, someone who went to the doctor right away, or called an ambulance, helping demonstrate that the injury was real and properly recorded.

It’s a bit of a different way of looking at things, but keeping in mind how to be a good client often means getting the best result from your lawyer.

Adam Somogyi, personal injury lawyer at Pace Law Firm.