Thank You For Your Support

Dear Mr. Al Pace,


My name is Alison McCormick and our daughter, Alanna McCormick , competed at the Ontario Winter Games for SBX snowboarding. Our family had the pleasure of meeting one of your staff, Mr. Mike Styles on site at the competition held at Beaver Valley. We had an engaging conversation and found Mr. Styles very easy to converse with and very kind & supportive.

You have a great emissary in your firm with Mr. Styles as a representative. It was terrific for our family to meet face to face with a sponsor.

Our family live in Perth, mid-way between Ottawa and Kingston. Until the event we had not been aware of your firm nor of your sponsorship. We are so pleased to now know of your firm and we are very thankful for your sponsorship of the event. We plan to share your firm’s name within our circle of family, friends, acquaintances, as well as other snowboarders.

We are writing to thank you from the perspective of our individual family. Our daughter had the privilege of being selected by the AOS ( Association of Ontario Snowboarders) to participate in the event and your sponsorship of the event helped ensure the success of the competition. Alanna finished in fourth place in a field of strong, competitive females in the SBX competition. Most importantly, your sponsorship created many positive opportunities for Alanna.

Alanna was able to meet and compete with females of her own age from across the province. Alanna and her fellow competitors have forged a positive relationship that hopefully will continue. Your sponsorship made it financially possible for Alanna to attend. She was provided with accommodation at Weider Lodge at Blue Mountain with other females who share her passion for SBX snowboarding.

The girls participated in the opening ceremonies intermingled with fellow youth athletes from a wide variety of sports, entertained by live music. Alanna ( and all the athletes) were also provided with delicious & nutritious meals, lift tickets, coaching and supervision by AOS staff. Our family is so very, very grateful. Alanna had an amazing experience, one that she will remember. Thank you for making that possible!!!

Alanna is currently very busy catching up on missed school work… Grade 11 physics & biology tests and assignments are due. I’m sure you remember how busy high school can be . Alanna did ask me to let you know that she is very thankful for your support.

Alanna has volunteered her time to instruct some beginner snowboarders. Alanna has her Level 1 CASI ( Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors) rating and is hired by a local resort, but she has chosen to donate a portion of her time . I am sure her idea to donate time comes from the positive model she has seen in a company such as yours. As a parent I want to thank you for modelling this generosity.

Again thanks for one of the many families whose lives your firm has touched. We greatly appreciate your support of the Ontario Winter Games.

- Alison McCormick

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