Grateful for Pace Law Firm’s Support

I had been involved with an MVA over 10 years ago. The single vehicle accident left me with multiple injuries including a brain injury. The brain is a remarkable organ, and can get you thinking some interesting things when there is significant trauma to it. For example, shortly after I started my recovery process, I thought I would just go back to my pre accident life. This meant going back to work, and the working hours, and even though I knew there would be some ongoing health related appointments and medications, I really believed that I could be back to my “old life” as close to 100% as it was. My insurance company was supportive in approving my treatments, and people around me recommended to retain a lawyer, but I didn’t think it was necessary.

My medical bills were being covered until years later, when I began to notice a decline in approval for coverage and an increase in treatments not being covered. It was at that point that I realized why in the earlier years I was urged to seek legal support. I met with multiple lawyers, who refused to take on my case; it was a difficult one and very messy for sure. I don’t blame them. But, I needed support.

I finally met with Pace Law Firm. They took a chance on me and my case. Pace Law Firm were honest, precise, meticulous, supportive, maintained constant communication, validated my concerns and anxieties about the situation, helped me get tests that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, and helped to expedite the specialist appointments that otherwise would have been a year wait. Pace Law Firm got me treatments and put supports in place that I never would have been able to get on my own; and even some treatments I did not even know I was eligible for.

After almost three years of back and forth, a lot of frustration and uncertainty, I was finally deemed catastrophic which ultimately led to discussions regarding settlement. We settled with terms that were more than fair. I know for a fact that if it weren’t for Pace Law Firm, I would be struggling to maintain the basic supports that someone with my disability would need.  I am specifically grateful for Patricia Edwards. She was supportive, told me to do my best at assessments and helped to ease my anxiety. She maintained regular communication with me to find out how I was doing and if I needed anything.She also maintained communication with all those involved in my case; case manager, therapist, and adjuster. Considering how many clients she is dealing with, I did not feel that I was forgotten. She made me feel like a priority every time we communicated. Through this process, I have also learned to come to terms with my “new” current life, and am learning how to make it my own.  I am and will forever be grateful for their willingness to take such a huge risk and chance on me, I am really glad that they did. I fully believe that no other law firm could or would have done what Pace Law Firm did for me.

- Amrish Patel

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