A true guardian angel

I have never written a review before, but I feel like I must inform the entire world on what an incredible lawyer and overall person Aleksa Pace is. Before I met Aleksa, between the years 2013 and 2015, I had three different lawyers that did not once  consider my personal needs. They saw me and my situation as a potential big pay day  for themselves instead or caring for me as a person. Aleksa was different. Before I tell you some of the many things that make Aleksa such an amazing person, let me tell you how we met.

I was injured in a car accident in 2013. I was rear ended by a coward who saw  that I was injured and ran off rather than facing the consequences. My accident left me  unable to do so much as even leave my bed because my body stopped responding to  my pain medication. On top of my pain, I had to deal with the pressure and constant  torment from my former employer and my insurance company. I began to give up on  life. I prayed to God to take me because I felt that I was not good enough for my family,  I felt like they deserved better. I said to God: “If you’re real and you’re listening to me  send me a guardian angel.” I know that this may sound like the plot from a cringy inspirational movie, but the next day I received a call from Aleksa. She asked to me to  meet with her in person. I responded that I did not want to speak to anymore lawyers  because I had lost all faith in people. She asked me to at least meet with her and then  make my decision.   I went to her office that same week. I expected our meeting to last about 15  minutes, instead she spent over three hours conversing with and comforting me.  Aleksa and her team took action immediately. She started getting me the help I needed  before I stepped foot out of her office. By the time I reached home that day, I had a team of people booked to help me receive the treatments I needed.

In January 2016, on my way to one of my chiropractor appointment I got into yet  another accident. I was rear ended by someone that ran a red light. I had a concussion  and my injury had worsened. Once Aleksa found out what had happened, she called my husband everyday to find out how I was doing. She also set up someone to come  that same week to set up my care. She fought hard against the insurance company and  she believed me during a time where most people did not. There were many times  where I felt weak and called her to tell her that I couldn’t fight any longer. No matter what time of day it was Aleksa made sure to call me, text me or even come out to visit me and make sure that i was okay.   Aleksa is the kind of person who never backs down, she fights for what is right and works exceptionally hard for her clients. Aleksa is not only my lawyer, but she has become a part of my family. There is no other lawyer out there that will fight as hard as Aleksa does for her clients. Aleksa and her team (Shane, Luca, Teresa and Katherine) never stop fighting until they earn justice for their clients. They are professional, hard working and determined. If you are a client of hers you can trust  that you will be well taken care of.

Aleksa, thank you for everything you have done for my family and I. Without  you I wouldn’t be here today. You are the most kind hearted and selfless person I have  ever met. You gave a broken woman hope when she needed it the most. If anyone  reading this review doesn’t believe me or thinks that I am exaggerating, give her a call  and meet with her in person. Aleksa Pace is a true guardian angel.

- Sarita Dass

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