Secrets To Survive Winter Driving

By Al Pace | December 23, 2016

Frozen door handles, frozen windshield wipers, frozen gas tank….frozen everything? Winter driving is hard! We asked around and came up with some of the most ingenius secrets to save you some frustration this season.

What to do when: your windows fog up

  • Sure, you could waste time sitting in your car letting your heater de-fog your windshields, but it’s winter. It’s cold. And you have places to go. Keep a simple schoolboard chalkboard eraser in your glove compartment for an easy swipe that will fix any fog on your windows. For more information on how to fog proof your car click here.

What to do when: your wipers won’t work

  • Throwing an old pair of socks (hole-free) on your windshield wipers overnight can seriously extend their life span. Before you go in for the night, put one sock on each windshield wiper to prevent ice and snow from clogging their functionality.
  • Wipers frozen solid to your windshield? Soak a wash cloth in full-strength rubbing alcohol and wipe down each blade. The alcohol will keep blades from sticking to windows even on the coldest day of the year.

What to do when: ice keeps taking over your car windows

  • Windshield de-icer is a must in winter months, but have you noticed how quickly it depletes? Save yourself countless dollars with this DIY trick. Mix 3 parts vinegar with 1 part water and spray all over your car windows to help prevent ice from forming!

 What to do when: you can’t open your car door

  • Unless you have a magical blow dryer that can extend all the way to your car, we suggest trying these tricks to de-ice frozen car handles. 1) Heat your car key with a match or lighter for several seconds, then gently insert the key into the frozen lock and watch the ice melt away. 2) Rub your key or door handle with hand sanitizer- the alcohol will melt away the ice and let you open the door!

What to do when: your car parts freeze shut

  • Moisture that collects on car doors and windows throughout the day seeps in between doors and windows overnight. That’s the culprit of your “locked” windows and doors. Before going to sleep, try spraying WD-40 or cooking spray on the cracks of your doors and on the rubber to prevent them from freezing shut.

What to do when: your headlights start to dim

  • With harsh weather and road conditions, headlights are especially important. When the clarity of your headlights start to diminish, cover each light with toothpaste and rinse with warm water. Not only will this drastically improve clarity, it’s far cheaper than purchasing a kit from the store.

What to do when: you get stuck in the snow

  • Your floor mats aren’t just for inside your vehicle. Next time you’re stuck, place your floor mats under your front tires for added traction to get moving. Just don’t forget to pick them up once your vehicle is good to go.