Quiet and Dark Arrival in Cairo

By James Metcalfe | May 29, 2011

James Metcalfe – Pace Law Firm: At 2:30 on Saturday morning, we arrived to find the airport eerily quiet, as were the roads outside. They were devoid of the usual honking cars and taxis.

Army roadblocks looked like our Ride program stops in Ontario, but we were ignored until we had been through three of them. I noticed the officials were only searching red cars. I’m guessing that this is their method of running random searches. Pick a colour.

The fun began when we ran into the road blocks around Tahrir Square. While all roads may lead to Rome, in Cairo it appears that all roads lead to our hotel – and that all of them are blocked. After spending an hour going down back alleys, we then arrived to find the hotel blacked out.

We negotiated our way in and crashed.