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Claiming personal injury damages after any type of motor vehicle accident can be complicated. A mistake in procedure or improperly completed documents may potentially result in your claim being denied or delayed. Pace Law Firm is here to help.

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With over 30 years addressing insurance and disability claims, the team of disability lawyers at Pace Law Firm understand the complexities involved in the insurance claims process. We can provide you with the assistance and guidance required to file initial claims, as well as pursue appeals when claims are denied.

Most people have disability insurance to protect them from any unexpected losses or challenges that occur, resulting in short-term or long-term disability. Still, those with disability insurance are often unfairly denied the expected benefits by their insurance companies upon filing a claim for compensation.

If you’ve been denied a claim by your insurance company, it is important that you act quickly in consulting a disability lawyer to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the help you deserve. Our personal injury attorneys have the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide you with effective insurance claims resolutions.

We Have Helped Thousands of Clients

At Pace Law Firm, we are proud to have over 30 years of experience in the field of personal injury and disability insurance negotiation. Our Pace Law team includes certified specialists in civil litigation and dispute resolution who have negotiated thousands of personal injury and insurance dispute claims over the years. With such a wealth of experience in resolving insurance disputes for our clients, we are confident we can help you receive the highest possible compensation for your injuries.

  • No-Fault Insurance and Statutory Accident Benefits

    If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, car accident, bicycle accident or as a pedestrian by a vehicle, you are entitled to benefits under no-fault insurance. In such instances, your own insurance company provides coverage for your injuries—which provides compensation for your medical rehabilitation, lost wages, and other losses.

  • Long-term Disability Claims

    When you are unable to work due to a disability, you deserve timely and full payment of available compensation when you or your employer have made regular payments to long-term disability (LTD) insurers.

    In those instances when insurers refuse or delay payment, our lawyers have the necessary knowledge to pursue and obtain payment of long-term disability insurance payouts.

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