Klaudios Mustakas – Senior Immigration Advisor: This ruling with regard to parent/grandparent sponsorship was a long time in coming:

An appeal court has found that the federal government discriminates against parents and grandparents by delaying their immigration processing.

The Federal Court of Appeal ruling this week is a partial victory for Amir Attaran, a University of Ottawa law and medicine professor who applied in 2009 to sponsor his aging parents, both American citizens, to Canada under the family class immigration program…

At the time of his complaint, it took immigration 42 days to screen the sponsors of spouses and children but the same screening took 37 months for those who wanted to bring their parents and grandparents to Canada.

The government will say that they introduced the Super Visa to allow parents to be reunited with their children. Really the Super Visa is quite superficial because it doesn’t allow parents to work. Instead, they are stuck in visitor class for 10 years.We are more or less telling people’s parents that sure, you can come to Canada, but just stay inside and take care of the house for a decade. Such an attitude prevents parents and grandparents from utilizing their skills and knowledge and becoming contributing members of Canadian society.

As for the lengthy delays in approving applications – a subject I’ve covered before on spousal sponsorship – why does it take 3 to 5 years to process a parent sponsorship application? Frankly, some parents and grandparents may die before the application is approved.
One of the main goals for the Immigration Act to is reunify family members. The processing times and backlogs do nothing to solve this, and they border on cruel and unusual punishment. Either have programs that work in a ready and efficient manner for all classes of immigrant – spouse, child, parent – or cancel programs altogether to avoid keeping people in limbo for years.

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