Pace Law Firm Wins Precedent-Setting Case – Appeal Court Upholds $3.17 Million Personal Injury Award

By Al Pace | January 26, 2017

(TORONTO – JANUARY 25, 2017) – Pace Law Firm has won the appeal of the longstanding personal injury case of Jason Walters.

Mr. Walters was beaten by a rival gang member while in custody at Toronto’s Don Jail in 2008.

Following a long and drawn out litigation, the court had awarded $3.17M in damages at trial.

This week the Ontario Court of Appeal unanimously upheld the decision.

“This was a very difficult case that we have been managing for over eight years,” said Al Pace, CEO of Pace Law Firm.

“Our team never gave up on Jason or his family.  We invested years of time and expense to push this case forward because we believed in it.”
“Through every aspect of the litigation – discovery, mediations, pre-trials, case conferences, and ultimately the trial and appeal, we continued because we knew it was the right thing to do,” said Mr. Pace.

The team involved included lawyers Don Fiske, Andrew Camman, Michelle Arzaga, Alex Voudouris and Al Pace.

Today, Mr. Walters, now 33, survives with permanent injuries that have left him brain damaged and with limited mobility. He has a daughter, J’la, 10, who lives with her mother.

His mother, Pearline Samuda, who cares for him, now knows she has the financial means to care for her son throughout his life.

“I am incredibly grateful to the team at Pace Law Firm who never gave up hope on Jason”, said Ms. Samuda. “Jason is making his way back and now I know, when I pass away, he will be taken care of.”

It is believed the case has been precedent setting in how the jail system manages its inmates.

“The extraordinary effort, which I believe we demonstrated in this case, is representative of the level of commitment we make for all of our clients,” said Mr. Pace.