Pace Immigration in Nigeria

By Gerry Weiner | June 3, 2011

by Gerry Weiner – Pace Law Firm: I look forward to my upcoming trip to Nigeria, and to meeting business leaders who are interested in investing and doing business in Canada. Nigeria has become one of the economic leaders in Africa, and all too often is overlooked by Canadians.

I believe there is a tremendous potential for bilateral trade and investment between our two countries, and that both of our countries can profit by increased economic activity.

Prior to joining Pace Law Firm as its Special Advisor on Immigration, I was involved in politics in various levels of government. This culminated in me being elected to the Federal parliament of Canada and being appointed Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.

Since retiring from politics, I have been active in promoting business investment in Canada in the private sector, and have traveled extensively at home and abroad to promote Canada.

I am now the Director of Investor Relations for Pace Global Advantage, which is closely associated with Pace Law Firm. In addition to my activities with Pace, I am the Chair of the Board of the Old Port of Montreal Corporation. I serve as a member of the Board and chair the Governance Committee of PACRIM, a Toronto stock exchange listed company.

I am the Chair of the Literacy Centre of Quebec and a member of the Board of Mt. Sinai Hospital in Montreal. I have had extensive business experience in health care and in high technology, and have enjoyed travel during a career that has seen me serve as a member of five governments.

If you would like to learn more about Canada please contact me here, or make arrangements to meet with me during my trip by contacting our associate in Nigeria, Mr. Michael Nwanna.