Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents carry a great risk of someone being critically injured or killed. According to a report from the CBC, around 70,000 injured cyclists are treated in Canadian hospital emergency rooms annually, 7,500 of them with critical injuries. In the city of Toronto alone, hundreds of bicycle accidents are reported each year, as cyclists deal with…

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Helping Concussion Victims

Concussion victims are becoming increasingly aware of the long term effects of this devastating injury. Any avid sports fan can tell you that concussions are now at the forefront for medical research and study in the sports world. High profile example of concussion victims include Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins), Austin Collie (Indianapolis Colts), and other…


Peer Review of Diagnostic Tests a Good Idea

Toronto lawyer Albert Conforzi: My 30 years in personal injury litigation has left me with both the highest regard for the medical profession in general, as well as the certain knowledge that healthcare practitioners are just human beings; no more and no less. As such, they are as prone to making mistakes as anyone else. As…

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Story of Aboriginal Abuse Claims Is Not Over

Elaine Bright – Pace Personal Injury Lawyer in Kenora: Residential school claims are coming to a conclusion. Will that be the end of abuse claims by aboriginal people in Canada? Definitely not. Class actions have started across Canada seeking compensation for abuses that took place at “day schools” – schools on reserves that were run by…


What Is Tort Law?

Elaine Bright – Pace Personal Injury Lawyer in Kenora: What is tort law? Esteemed legal author, Lewis Klar, notes “…despite the fact that the law of torts has an enormous impact on people’s lives, very few probably have even heard of the word ‘tort.’” What Is Tort Law? Tort law is the law that requires us…

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