Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Lawyers Serving Motorcycle Accident Victims in Toronto and Across Ontario Over 1000 motorcycle riders are injured on Ontario’s roads each year. Due to a rider’s vulnerability to traffic and the elements, motorcycle accidents often result in more severe injuries than other motor vehicle accidents. When serious or catastrophic injuries occur, it may be possible to…


Boat Accident Lawyers

Ontario Boat Accident Lawyers Sailboats and power boats are a common sight on Ontario’s lakes and rivers, and they are usually a source of fun and amusement for many. Unfortunately, boating accidents can have severe consequences, resulting in such things as serious personal injury and drowning. Boating Safety Rules and Regulations As with cars and…

Boat accident
Snowmobile ATV accident

ATV / Snowmobile Accident Lawyers

Pace Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers are seasoned in handling all types of recreational vehicle and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accidents including Jet Skis and personal watercraft crashes; boat accidents (including drowning); four-wheeler accidents; snowmobile and snow sled accidents. It is important to have this specialized experience because insurance coverage, vehicle-usage scenarios and the laws governing…


Insurance & Disability Claims

Filing Insurance Claims Recovering personal injury damages after a car accident, truck accident or any other type of motor vehicle accident can be complicated. Any misstep or improperly completed document can cause your claim to be denied. With over 30 years of experience, the insurance claims lawyers at Pace Law Firm understand the complexities involved…

Insurance Claims

Wrongful Death Lawyers

Wrongful Death and Fatal Accidents If you have lost a family member in a fatal accident or because of someone’s negligence, you need experienced legal advocacy. It is important that you obtain legal help from lawyers who are skilled in obtaining full compensation and who are committed to providing the understanding and caring support needed…


Dog Bite Lawyers

Toronto Dog Bite and Dog Attack Lawyer Have you been attacked by an angry or aggressive dog? Our Toronto dog bite lawyers are standing by to help you now. We serve clients all across Ontario. Call for a free consultation. Dog Attacks in Ontario The province of Ontario has tried to decrease the number of…

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