Wheelchair Bound

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

The most common form of paralysis is a result of spinal nerves becoming damaged. A spinal cord injury can permanently change a person’s motor skills, strength, senses, and emotional state. Whether a complete or incomplete paralysis, the victim will have an altered lifestyle. A complete spinal cord injury results in paralysis below the site of…

Brain injury

Brain Injury Lawyers

Have you or a member of your family suffered a brain injury as the result of an accident? Our lawyers will protect your rights and get you the help you need. Brain and head injuries are not uncommon, and they are a source of pain, disability, and death for a number of Canadians each year.…

Wheelchair bound

Statutory Accident Benefits (SABS)

What Is The Ontario Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS)? Legislated systems in Ontario seriously limit your ability to sue or recover damages for injuries sustained as a result of a motor vehicle accident. However, this system outlines a list of mandatory benefits. Simply put, the system consists of the two following parts: A prescribed set…


Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Injured In A Pedestrian Accident? If you’ve done any walking in Toronto, then you know how dangerous it can be to cross at some of Toronto’s intersections. Pedestrian accidents are a serious problem. From 2000 to 2009, more than 22,000 pedestrian accidents were reported in the city of Toronto alone. Since pedestrians have no physical…

Pedestrian accident