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How Are Personal Injury Damages Calculated?

When it comes to calculating personal injury damages, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Just as we are all unique individuals, every personal injury case is different. When calculating damages, the lawyer has to take into account many variables, such as the plaintiff’s age, work history, financial situation, number of dependents, type of injury, recovery…


An Example of Contributory Negligence

You’re walking on someone else’s property. The floor is freshly mopped and slippery. You take a fall, breaking bones and causing serious back injuries. In order to sue the property owner, you have to prove they were negligent in some form. Perhaps they should have warned you that the floor was wet and slippery with…

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Don’t Crash into a Car Accident Deductible

Having a motor vehicle accident is traumatic enough. But if you decide to seek compensation from the at-fault driver, beware that you don’t have a second collision – with Ontario’s statutory deductible. In this province, you can claim a number of different kinds of compensation for a car accident, including pain and suffering, loss of…