Party with protection this summer

Summer is officially here and so begins the array of parties, events and weekend getaways. There’s little more satisfying than welcoming the weekend by spending time with friends and family, whether you’re hosting a party or having guests over at your summer cottage. Amidst the fun and frenzy of the busy summer months, people rarely…


The ongoing and negative changes in Accident Benefits for Ontario’s injured citizens

This latest piece highlights the ongoing and negative changes in benefits for Ontario’s injured citizens:  Dramatic changes to health-care services for injured workers, including a 40 per cent funding drop in rehabilitative treatment and a 30 per cent drop in drug benefit spending, is having a “devastating” impact on some of the province’s most vulnerable citizens,…

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Brain damage

Brain Injuries: The invisible epidemic

When it comes to this invisible injury, it turns out there are still a lot people who don’t realize the impact: 160,000 of us Canadians sustain one of these serious injuries every year. To put that into perspective, that’s about one Canadian every three minutes, so by the time you’ve finished reading this post another…


Your One Stop Shop for Motorcycle Awareness

The sun is shining, there’s asphalt for miles- riding season is finally here. May is Motorcycle Awareness Month and we’re here to make sure all you have to worry about before gearing up is your next adventure.   Your Riding Checklist: Check your benefit limits Do you know right now what your insurance benefits are…

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Changes to Dispute Resolution take effect today

Effective today – April 1st any individual who wishes to dispute a denial by an insurance company for SAB (Statutory Accident Benefits) will now have to go through the Attorney General’s License Appeal Tribunal (LAT) and NOT the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). Other major changes include: Applications for mediation, neutral evaluation, or the…