New Skilled Worker Program Set For May 4, 2013

By James Metcalfe | December 20, 2012

James Metcalfe – Pace Immigration: Jason Kenney has announced that the new Federal Skilled Worker selection criteria will go into effect in early May, 2013.

The selection criteria was announced earlier this year, and emphasizes English or French competency and a younger age for the applicants as being key to a successful application.

We warned previously that persons who did not have English or French as their first language should start improving their language skills as soon as possible and takes their language test.

There is, however, one aspect of the system on which the government is silent, and that is the list of occupations for which people can apply.

Mr. Kenney has already announced the list of skilled trades that will be accepted, but the great unknown is which professions will be accepted, such as doctors, physiotherapists, and so on.  My only advice on this is that if you are in a regulated profession such as a professional engineer, veterinarian or registered nurse, you should start your research now to determine if your educational background is recognized by Canadian bodies.

I expect that the Minister will announce the list of professions open to applicants on May 3rd 2013.