New Rules For Canadian Citizenship

By Pace Law | June 20, 2017

luba dinkovaLuba Dinkova – Pace Immigration: On June 19, 2017, a new bill concerning Canadian citizenship rules and regulations received Royal Assent. Some of the changes to the Citizenship Act will come into effect immediately.

Changes To Canadian Citizenship Rules

Individuals applying for citizenship are no longer required to have the intent to live in Canada to receive citizenship. This change provides flexibility to Canadian citizens who may need to live outside of Canada for various valid reasons.

Other changes which are effective immediately are abolishing the ability to take away citizenship from dual citizens who may have been convicted of crimes against national interest, like terrorism charges. Dual citizens who are convicted of such crimes will have face the Canadian justice system like any other Canadian.

Other changes that will take place later this year are:

  • people seeking citizenship will only have to be physically present in Canada for three out of five years, rather than four out of six.
  • the age range for language and knowledge requirements will be 18 – 54 instead of 14 – 64.
  • people will be able to count some of the time spent as temporary residents towards their citizenship requirements.

Many people who were waiting to meet the requirements for citizenship – especially the physical presence part – will soon be able to apply. Contact us if you have any questions.